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All Comers Summer Track Meets

In 2019, We have 3 dates set for our All Comers Track Meets. Last year, over 600 people participated in our meets, and we hope to grow that number this year. All ages and abilities are encouraged to participate. These meets are free for kids under 18, and $5 for adults, and offer fun, friendly competition in a community setting. 

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Kids City Cross League

Thousands of Twin Cities high schoolers love competing in cross country, but opportunities for younger athletes to start running earlier in life have been generally been limited. Our youth cross country meets aim to change that by blending neighborhood pride with the thrill of competition and the excitement of racing over trails and through the woods. Each year, the TCTC works with neighborhood associations in Minneapolis and St. Paul to develop cross country programs through local community centers and parks. TCTC athletes partner with their local communities to offer instruction, administration, and coaching over an eight week season. The season will wrap up with an all-city meet in which the community teams will take to the trails in a fun and friendly competition. Dates for our 2018 season are set for August 14th - October 4th, and we have 6 sites set throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul. 

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Hopkins Raspberry Run

The Hopkins Raspberry Run is a long-standing Minnesota road race that TCTC adopted in 2011. We respect the race’s history with a classic 8-kilometer road race, but we also use the Raspberry Run for good: we provide all kids under 18 with complimentary entry, and we included a one-mile race option to make the event accessible to youth athletes of all ability levels. This year, we are aiming for over 250 youth participants. In 2018, Hopkins Raspberry Run Main Street Mile was part of the USATF MN Team Circuit. 

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Kids Run Free

At the Twin Cities Track Club we believe that one of the defining qualities of running is its accessibility. Running is cheap and easy. However - we are seeing youth marginalized at running events because of the rising cost of registration at running events and the growing popularity of adult-oriented running events. Our aim with this program is to bring Kids Run Free to as many road races in the Twin Cities as possible. Please contact us to find out how we can help you provide free registration to youth ages 18 & under at your road race!

We debuted the Kids Run Free program at our very own Hopkins Raspberry Run in 2011. We're proud to report 10x growth in youth participation in the Raspberry Run since the inception of the program. In 2011, Brooks Running sponsored the initiative which allowed for all youth ages 18 & under to participate for free in any of the Hopkins Raspberry Run events. Since 2012, Lake Minnetonka Orthodontics stepped in to provide support for free youth registration. Total youth participation has climbed to almost 300 youth across all three events. 

Athlete Development & Community Involvement

While community involvement is the core of TCTC’s mission, we also recognize that one of the best ways to inspire local interest in running is through the involvement of engaged and talented role models. We also recognize that our single best resource is our group of passionate athletes, whose interest in promoting community involvement is matched by their own devotion to training and improving. TCTC strives to support these athletes’ competitive ambitions so that their community engagement will remain enthusiastic and sustainable. While most elite track clubs offer travel support, gear, and stipends on the sole condition of athletic performance, TCTC requires more. Our model is contingent on community service, such that athletes who demonstrate their passion for community involvement through frequent participation in our programs are rewarded with travel and equipment support.

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